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The Clear Experience

An optometrist does more than check your vision, We’re an important part of determining your eye health, through regular diagnostic tests and examinations. Eyes truly are the window to whole-body health. When your eyes are healthy and you’re seeing well, you might not even think about them much. But when you’re suffering from dry eye, they may become all you think about. With an increasing number of patients coming to us through our own optometry practice and referrals from all over our region, we knew it was time for a dedicated resource to help combat this debilitating yet highly treatable condition.


Life Can Lead to Dry Eye

If you look at a screen, spend time outside, wear cosmetics, wash your face, get facials, take certain medications, have a diagnosed autoimmune disease, suffer from allergies, have a diagnosed vitamin deficiency, wear contact lenses, have had refractive surgery, use hormonal contraceptives, are pregnant, and/or are experiencing hormonal changes from menopause, you could develop dry eye symptoms. The risks to dry eye disease are many, but you don't have to live that way. 


The Uncomfortable Truth about Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye is a chronic, progressive, debilitating disease. We see patients who brush off the symptoms as an annoyance and try to self-treat with over-the-counter eye drops or just live with it. But without treatment, this is a disease that can lead to chronic infections, damage to the surface of your eye, and a decreased quality of vision and of life. 


The truth is, if you’re noticing your eyes throughout the day, you might actually be experiencing dry eye symptoms.


Your Eyes Are Windows To Your Soul

And your skin! Products you use on your face, especially around the delicate area around your eyes, can impact your eye health. Irritating ingredients or a build-up around your eyes can lead you down the path to dry eye. We provide expertise and continued learning about the relationship between our skin and eye health. Eye-healthy cosmetics and medical-grade skincare help provide beauty through the lens of a healthy eye.


Your eye health is part of your whole body health and what you do to your eyes can impact your skin--for better or for worse. Clear is a resource and a solution to anyone looking for healthy eyes and healthy skin. You can have both!

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