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Eye Services

Rest your eyes. See the world in a whole new way. 


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Focused IPL treatment for dry eye can improve dry eye symptoms and meibomiam gland function by treating the disease at its root cause.  Combine with an IPL photofacial to diminish sun spots, redness, and spider veins on the face, while also improving tone and texture. 



Gland Expression

Through heat and massage, this 12-minute,  non-invasive treatment to massage blockages in your eyelids, leads to improved tear production.


Radiofrequency Treatment

A radiofrequency laser gently heats the skin to stimulate clogged tear glands, while reviving the surface around the eye. The same heat stimulates collagen production around the eye, tightening the excess skin in this area. 

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